Adding excelent option to items

In our server, you can add more excelent options to your Items. This service will be launcher approximately 1-2 moths after grand opening. Game currency is divided into two items. Into tier 3 – 7 items can be excelent option added with Jewel of Creation (JoC). There a small chance to obtain JoC from monsters in all maps, also it drops from Box of Heaven, Gold box, Silver Box and some special monsters like Golden erohim, Green horse etc.

Jewel of Creation

Into tier 1 and 2 you can add excelent option with Rena. Rena drops only from Enhanced Box of Heaven (EBoH). You can find it on event inventory, which is accessible from left top corner in game. You can obtain EBoH only in Icarus2, Vulcanus and Swamp of Peace.


Price list for adding excelent options to items will be published by the end of august 2020.